TechGenie Free Antivirus

TechGenie Free Antivirus 1.0

Free Antivirus for complete online protection

Free Antivirus for complete online protection

Ultimate protection from online threats

Unlike usual free antivirus, TechGenie Free Antivirus does not require compromising on the quality of protection. It is proven effective in protecting different types threats. Recommended by various security experts, TechGenie works as a single weapon to prevent and protect computers from online security threats, USB-borne threats and from other infected devices you may plug in to your PC. TechGenie Free Antivirus consists of different layers of protection mechanisms such as Real time protection, Proactive Detection, Surfing Security, Protection Shield.

Comprehensive protection for your computer

TechGenie Free Antivirus caters to complete protection with built-in antivirus, antispyware, anti-malware, anti-rootkit, real-time protection, and browser protection. In addition to protecting computers, it can protect itself from accidental or unauthorized deletion of the software from a device. It is capable of protecting its files, services and processes from being corrupted or removed by other program or user.


TechGenie Free Antivirus features a neat and user-friendly interface which is designed to work with touch controls of Windows 8-based devices. Its comprehensive protection and simple user interface garnered massive positive responses and recommendations from users and experts. Even when you are not scanning any software or device or if you are sleeping, TechGenie Free Antivirus protects your PC with its Proactive Detection and Real-time protection. These two protective shields work round-the-clock to monitor, identify and halts suspicious activities as well as prevents malware, virus, Trojans, spyware and other threats coming from browser, Internet or removable devices.


• Ultrafast scanning and identification of threats

• Enhanced security for online banking, shopping and other online transactions

• Tracks behavior of new threats and prevents threats

• Monitors and stops viruses, Trojan, rootkit, browser hijackers, hackers with real time protection

• Different types of scanning processes including quick scan, custom scan and full system scan

• Compatible to Windows XP and later versions, including Windows 8


• Nothing so far

TechGenie Free Antivirus


TechGenie Free Antivirus 1.0

User reviews about TechGenie Free Antivirus

  • Compfluster

    by Compfluster

    "Wouldnt' even install no matter what i did... junk"

    the bottom area where I was supposed to accept or agree to the license terms was cut off. I changed all my setting to...   More.

  • Vanessa Martena

    by Vanessa Martena

    "TechGenie Free Antivirus shields PC from online threats"

    TechGenie Free Antivirus prevents identity theft issues and provides security for transactions being held online..   More.

  • Rubie Paten

    by Rubie Paten

    "For ultimate PC protection use TechGenie Free Antivirus"

    TechGenie Free Antivirus provides round the clock protection against viruses and malicious software..   More.

  • tonyborta

    by tonyborta

    "Free Antivirus works great for my PC and offers smart security"

    TechGenie Free Antivirus is one of the most competitive security software. It includes advanced protection features t...   More.

  • Dwell

    by Dwell

    "Removes virus threats, spyware, and protects your browsers too!"

    TechGenie Free Antivirus is simple to download and install and works like a charm. It is easy to schedule scans here ...   More.

  • innatellor

    by innatellor

    "Overall the antivirus tool is decent one for window PC."

    Pros: I found this antivirus tools light weight with good interface similar to window 8 title style. There is an opti...   More.